"20 years in this industry have made me realize that what the event production world needs is a more personalized approach that treats each event like the unique concept it is, WITHOUT OVER-CHARGING."



Ovation One is inspired to change the way the event production world works and most importantly, the way clients are treated.

After years of seeing in-house A/V companies over-charge and underperform, founder Luke Hunter decided he wanted to do things differently and created Ovation One in 2010. He realized that it takes just one person who cares enough about a client's vision for their event and understands how important execution is to change the way their brand is perceived. He also noticed that due to the intentionally confusing billing and paperwork processes at most hotels, clients almost always end up overpaying for equipment rental and service fees.

This is how Ovation One can help. As the client, you always have the right to use an independent A/V company that can give you a better price and more personalized service than any in-house company. We specialize in producing corporate meetings and events both nationwide and internationally.

Typically, we can beat any in-house A/V quote by 20% - 50%. 

To start planning your next event or beat your current provider's quote: